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Classic roulette or European roulette is best known entertainment in the casino. Rules of European Roulette, as well as its traditions were formed long ago. They are known and generally accepted. Symbol of good luck in gambling is considered to be just a roulette wheel. The very sight of roulette attracts players of different levels. For many years, casino visitors are looking for ways to conquer and finally beat roulette.
The main difference from the classical literal roulette European roulette is that the numbers in it are replaced by letters. 26 letters of the alphabet, like the figures in European roulette, divided into groups, which differ from each other by different coefficients of payments.
In American roulette wheel contains 38 sectors. Besides the usual zero there is a double zero. Numbers on the wheel marked by a special system in order to comply with some balance between large and small numbers, odd and even, red and black, the main difference from the classic roulette is the presence of zero and a double zero on the drum.
A unique new online casino roulette without zero. We bring you the brand new game online casino roulette, where not on the rates nor on the wheel is not familiar to many green cells.

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