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Stag Party

This game is a 5 reel slot. MONEY symbol can replace any other symbol. If on the same line can two different winnings, this symbol alternately takes a different value for both wins. If you roll a 3, 4 or 5 bonus, the bonus game begins. If you win, then you have the option to double it. The super bonus game where you guess the kaoy two rooms is a bride. Once the choice is made, the door opens. If the room comes the bride, you get a bonus. If the mother-in-law out of the room, a bonus is given, there is a return to the basic game, preserving all previously earned points.
This game has two game at the risk of failure of any winning combination is proposed to double your winnings by choosing the cake, which she hides.
The second risk increases-game winning 2 times at the opening of player cards more than the dealer. Attempt number is displayed on the screen. The player can stop the risk game and pick up at the open map dealer.
At loss of 3-5-bonus symbols bonus game begins. Find the key to get home.
After a win in the bonus game begins super bonus. Select the door behind which there is a bride

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