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SkyWay - 5-reel 21-line slot svozmozhnostyu doubling in the risk of winning the game and free spins. During the free spins symbol "airship" lyuby replaces characters in winning combinations. The symbol substitutes for any symbol of the girl in the vyigrygryshnyh combinations

At loss of any winning combination is proposed to double your winnings if guesses the color of the dealer's cards.

In a 3-roll 5 characters "airship" in any drums start 16 free spins.

Considered the inventor of the airship Jean Baptiste Meunier. Airship with a steam engine designed by Henri Giffard, who borrowed ideas from Meunier more than half a century after, first flew on 24 September 1852. A technological breakthrough was committed only in 1884, when it was implemented the first fully controlled free flight at the French military airship with an electric engine.We offer the player to experience the beauty and romance of the era of airships. Wise scientists, crazy mechanics, beautiful she-pilots - all this awaits the player in the slot Skyway. Slot allows you to feel the romance of the first explorers of the sky.